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Ready-to-Use, at Home Massage Oils and Creams.

We are very proud to offer a unique carefully blended option for many of your health ailments!
FreeMe Oils and Creams are a "ready-to-use" massage oils and creams, expertly hand-made in Tasmania, Australia, using organic bases with organic essential oils, and are now fully available for both professional and personal use. These products are much more than a massage oil, and are made to assist in the relief of many health ailments.


Applied correctly, you will see the amazing results for yourself!

FreeMe Relaxation Oils have been developed by Tasmanian Peter Bryan, a Remedial Massage and Natural Therapist. A need was noticed amongst clients who were constantly presenting with stress, muscle aches and pains, depression, PMS, unresolved trauma, loneliness, fears and coping with general life changes. 


It has taken many years of observation, client disclosure and feedback to develop the combination aromatherapy oils which aid in bringing temporary relief in these areas of emotional and physical discomforts. The relaxation oils are ready to use and are prepared with high quality, organic essential oils. Combinations of essential oils are diluted in pure, organic carrier oil, making them safe for self or professional application. These blends then help to promote feelings of harmony and well being via the skin and olfactory system.


*For more detailed information or application suggestions please refer to the appropriate product in the Online Shop, or feel free to contact us directly.



in the coastal city of Devonport, on Tasmania's North West Coast

These oils and creams are all Peter's favourites, they were all designed for a purpose.

That purpose is you.

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