FreeMe Relaxation Oils were developed by Tasmanian Peter Bryan, a Remedial Massage and Natural Therapist.
A need was noticed amongst clients who were constantly presenting with stress, muscle aches and pains, depression,
PMS, unresolved trauma, loneliness, fears and coping with general life changes.


It has taken many years of observation, client disclosure and feedback to develop the combination of aromatherapy oils
which aid in bringing temporary relief in these areas of emotional and physical discomforts.


The relaxation oils are ready to use and are prepared with high quality, organic essential oils. Combinations of essential oils are diluted in pure, organic carrier oil, making them safe for self or professional application. These blends then help to promote
feelings of harmony and wellbeing via the skin and olfactory system.


From this seed of an idea also has come the development of blends to address many discomforts, emotionally and physically, in boys and girls as they face life's challenges and changes.


Client feedback and other anecdotal evidence have indicated effects lasting for some days
with a general enjoyment of the subtle aromas.


For the client who prefers a light cream rather than oil, an organic base cream has been developed using pure, organic aromatherapy oil combinations to give temporary relief of muscular and emotional distress. These are available in a range targeting specific symptoms.


If discomfort persists, please see your medical practitioner.


We are always interested in hearing people's feedback about our products. Below are a few examples of what people are saying about us and our products.


I have been fortunate enough to be involved with Peter and FreeMe Oils & Creams since day one… acting first as a test bunny for Peter and now, since full release of his range, as a dedicated user.  Not a day goes by without me using at least one of his products!!  Being of a “certain age”, I love the Wise Woman oil and Desire cream….hot flushes are more controlled and menopause systems much relieved.  


Having been a terrible traveller, Travel Magic has actually enabled me to fly medication free for the first time in my life and car sickness is now non-existent.  I also save in chemist costs with the Upper Respiratory Oil and the Muscle Magic creams……a little of these products goes a long way!  Even non-believing friends that I have recommended the products to have to admit that they work!!


Sue D, Balwyn, Victoria


I, Nelinda Psaradellis am delighted to provide this reference for FreeMeOils. I’ve known Peter Bryan for many years and have used many ranges of oils and creams.  There’s not one of the oils and creams I have preference to, as each oil and cream all works in different ways. I love them all.  Spiritually these oils and creams have become a part of me.


Wise Women’s Blend – I have been using this for many years. This oil is magical.  Why? it’s magical to me, it’s like clockwork exactly the same time every day my senses alerts me to re-apply the oil especially when I start to get the feeling my stomach is starting to bloat.  
I drop whatever I’m doing and go straight away and apply the oil to my body as directed. Within five minutes I’m relaxed & my stomach is no longer bloated.  I would recommend to all women of all ages who have this bloated feeling.


Upper Respiratory – I first started having bronchitis and asthma in my early twenties, when I got very sick there wasn’t any non chemical products on the market place until I started using the Upper Respiratory Oil.  I use this in the morning & evening, especially the cool evenings, so I can breathe & feel relaxed for a good night sleep.
I would recommend to all adults of all ages.  Best thing since sliced bread when you have a bad cold and your nose is blocked.


Travel Magic blend – I’ve done a lot of travelling by plane in the last six months.  If not for the Travel Magic blend I’d be a wreck.  I put the Travel Magic blend on before I leave home.  I remain calm without the hypo tension surrounding me.  As we all know well, travelling overseas stress levels increase, such as going through Border Security at each overseas airport.  I would recommend to all men, women & children.  Especially for adults & children who suffer from car sickness - it’s the best.


I’m impressed with**Desire Body Cream**. It gives me that up lifting sensual feeling.


I can go on and on about the best natural way and the goodness these oils and cream can do without putting all the nasty chemicals in your body.  Everyday after my shower, I apply the oils from top to toe,
 giving me the feeling of wellbeing & spiritually within myself.

Yours Faithfully


Nelli, Nelinda Psaradellis, Victoria


Hi, I'm a fifteen year old girl for the past three years I have suffered period camps, headaches and mood swings. I was very irregular with my cycle, I could go a week late or early. At least two days I would end up in bed with a heat bag and pain relief. Since using Desire Cream I am regular and pain free. The relief has been awesome!


Chloe, Burnie, Tasmania