Spotlight on TRAVEL MAGIC

January for me brings memories of holidays with my family, travelling around in the car to campling locations where lots of time was spent out on the water fishing, or flying interstate to visit other family members and friends. While this was always lot's of fun, it also could be a really stressful time for my parents, which then flowed onto me.

Travel Magic Oil

When Peter created Travel Magic he was looking for something that would ease some of the ailments that occured when travelling, but the effects of this wonderful oil can assist with every day life as wel!

"I recently went on an extensive overseas trip. The build up to this trip was incredibly stressful and caused a lot of anxiety for me. Peter recommended I start using Travel Magic before I left, whilst on the plane and during any times on the holiday that I was feeling a nervous, or anxious. It was a life saver! Travel Magic was a shining light that helped ease those stressess!" - Satisfied Customer

Travel Magic Assists with: Overcoming a fear of travelling via boat, plane, car, train tram etc, Fear of Heights, Nausea, Stress and Anxiety, Headaches, Head Tension, Travel Sickness, Jet Lag Apply under the jaw line back to the ear, top of the ear down the neck, left side first. Can be applied to your feet. This is a long lasting oil benefiting the body for up to 24 hours, may be applied twice daily. Pregnant women should apply behind ears ONLY.

Don't feel that Travel Magic can only be used for travelling, it helps to aid the symptoms of Stress and Anxiety, Headaches etc at any time!

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