Fight this Flu Season with our Upper Respiratory Oil.

The cold and flu season is still in full spring at the moment and Free Me Oils and Creams has just the right thing for you… Our Upper Respiratory oil!

Our oils have passed government regulation and laws and are safe to use from as young as 18 months onwards. This oil has been specifically created to help improve your quality of life when your body is battling the cold or a flu! It helps with your congestion and has been proven to work longer than vicks vapour rub and most other eucalyptus-based products.

We guarantee that there aren’t any side effects to using our Upper Respiratory oil, only benefits and improved quality of life! If you’re taking other medication you don’t have to stress about the possibility of it interfering with your existing medications – because it won’t.

One bottle of our oil costs $40, and will last a family of four up to a month of daily usage! Use as directed, 2-3 times per day. Our oils are handmade here in Tasmania, using 100% Tasmanian products, and contain no added perfumes.

If you’re interested in trying some today to kick your cold this flu season, then contact Peter on 0418 144 578 or place your order on our website today! What have you got to lose?

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